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Speak with passion! Your audience will thank you.

I truly enjoy public speaking. I have been presenting and teaching in front of audiences for decades and never get tired of it… and I hope my audiences don’t either!

I am sharing a video with you to show you how I believe every speech should be. I am not concerned about the topic, his beliefs nor do I care what people’s opinions are on us going to Mars (not trying to sound harsh). I want you to watch this because this man’s passion and knowledge for his “craft” is something we can all learn from. All of his passion and knowledge lead up to his final sentence and it is HAMMERED perfectly. Point taken, drop the mic.

It is less thanĀ 5 minutes long but you can truly feel the passion and desire he has for this subject come through. When you are speaking, does your audience feel this type of passion from you? I know I don’t always speak with this much drive and passion but it is something I am going to shoot for. Click the link below to see the video:

Be passionate about your presentations!


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