Profit & Purpose

“In 1974 we ended up with a famine in the country. People were dying of hunger and not having enough to eat. And that’s a terrible situation to see around you. And I was feeling terrible that here I teach elegant theories of economics, and those theories are of no use at the moment with the people who are going hungry. So, I wanted to see if, as a person, as a human being, I could be of some use to some people…. I thought that if you can become an angel for $27, it would be fun to do more of it.” Dr. Muhammad Yunis, Grameen Bank.

Dr. Yunis was born in India in 1940. Educated in economics, he captured the opportunity to work in the USA in 1969. With a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt, a college professorship, and a brilliant mind, Yunis was set to succeed in the world of economics and finance. Of course, in America, this meant the possibility of growing tremendous wealth.

Yet, Dr. Yunis thought different than most or maybe he just acted on his thoughts. He chose to return home after the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, in which he had raised support in the US. Once a leader in the government’s Planning Commission and then an economics professor, he could see the poverty all around him. A famine in 1974 opened his eyes to the widespread destruction that poverty can cause. He chose to do something. Yunis began a micro-lending initiative that grew worldwide with a $27 loan to 42 women. This idea is still changing lives today.
Just like Dr. Yunis, each of us has an innate, God-given, desire to be purposeful in our lives. This is unavoidable. We also have a choice of where to direct this desire. Do you direct it inwardly, working harder and harder to earn more profit to buy more pleasures? Or do you focus your desire for value outwardly, to serve others? Are these two desires in conflict?

Yes and no. Both profit and purpose can be self-serving monsters. However, both can be enormously valuable. Jesus Christ tells the story of The Good Samaritan. If the Samaritan had not profited financially in his life he would not have been able to serve the Traveler in his time of need.

The same is true for us today. Your money, assets, and profit are your own, a gift from God, what you do with your profit is your responsibility. At Sound Financial, we see Profit and Purpose as a God-given task, adventure, and privilege in our daily lives. We consistently and excitedly look for ways to earn a Profit for our stakeholders while purposefully serving those and the community around us. Are you looking to share in that philosophy for your retirement plan? Give us a call today and let’s talk!

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