Money by the Book

Wisdom shouts in the streets. She cries out in the public square.


Information and knowledge are more accessible than at any time in human history. We have grown new technologies, new methods, and new discoveries in all fields of study.

But are we utilizing all of this “new” plus the good judgment called wisdom?

Wisdom is a weird word these days. There is always a spin, a lens, or ulterior motive attached to statements.  This understandably causes us to be skeptics. Yet, real wisdom never goes out of style.

In Western society, the Bible was once the one trusted source of wisdom to turn to. It had proven itself to many skeptics over centuries of questions, challenges, and debates. Yet today, instead of questions, it has a lot of labels, most of which are incorrect.

The Bible is the Word of God Himself. The Creator and Author of Life. The actual source of wisdom.

(If you disagree, I humbly ask you to suspend your disbelief for a few hundred words and read on.)

God has given us His Word to lead us in the areas in which we fail most often. One of those areas is financial. The Bible has approximately 2,250 verses that discuss money, more than any other topic. I suggest that this is because God foresaw our financial mistakes.

The first truth of finance is that God owns it all. In the beginning of time, God created creation. He claims the animals, the land, and the seas. The new creations in technology and new discoveries in science are simply creations from His materials and discoveries of His designs. There is nothing new, only what we discover or create from what is already His. Therefore, we claim nothing in true ownership. But have been entrusted with stewardship of all that we call ours. Step back and see the great freedom this gives us, especially in relationship to “our” money.

The second aspect are the “facts of life”. Solomon wrote that there is a season for everything that happens in life, “a time to be born, a time to die, laugh, weep, dance, mourn…” as life goes on. In life, you will have successes and failures. It is in the failures that God teaches character and in the successes that He shows you His goodness.

God has a purpose for this plan. In the first chapter of the Bible, God makes man and woman in His image and commands them to fill, tame, and rule the earth. All that we do good today is still in direct line with this instruction. We create, build, and manage creation on Earth, money included. This gives us fulfillment, growth, and freedom.

Lastly, God has designed us with eternity in mind. This is our source of drive and ambition. We know that something can be created, built, and managed better. Unchecked, this is enormous arrogance by us. Yet, balanced with trust in Christ this gives contentment and peace. Because we know through Christ that the future is better than today, we can have great joy today.

As a financial advisor, it is our number one job to give money wisdom to our clients. Yet, we don’t know everything. We should study thoroughly to be a source of knowledge for our clients. However, we can solve that if we will just work and learn. It is wisdom that will set us apart, to have that hard conversation that makes a difference in someone’s life. This wisdom is available throughout the Bible. I encourage you to discover it for yourself.

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