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Christian Wealth Management has a proven track record of empowering successful, biblical financial advisors at investment firms both large and small across the nation.


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Organic Lead Generation

Proven systems for generating local, organic leads who are looking for biblical financial advice from a professional advisor who shares their faith and values. ​

Investment Screening Technology – eValueator

Members receive an exclusive 25% discount for screening investments for prospective clients.

“Discover, Explore, Invest” System

A proven system of sharing the Biblically Responsible Investing story leading to a 70% average success rate.

Brand Building Tools

Proudly display to prospects and clients your membership in an industry leading group of Christian financial professionals.

High Quality Marketing Materials

Professionally designed, proven effective marketing materials to help you present yourself and the biblical financial advice you provide in a professional and compelling manner.

CWM National Training Calls

Learn from peers and experts in the biblical investing industry the best practices for building a successful, biblical financial advisor practice. Hear inspiring stories how together we are influencing some of the largest corporations around the world to honor biblical values.

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“It humbles me to see the amazing growth the Lord has brought to Christian Wealth Management since He called me to start it just a few short years ago. Training and equipping successful, biblical financial advisors is a pure joy. And seeing the God-glorifying impact that our growing advisor community is having on their clients, their communities, the Church and around the world is so inspiring. I look forward to seeing what the next chapter holds for our Christian Wealth Management family!”

– Robert Netzly
Founder & CEO

“The Christian Wealth Management team is superb. The thing I am most thankful for is the standard to which they hold all of their members. The mission to inspire transformation for God’s glory is always in the forefront. I could not be part of a better team.”

– Nathan Cruz
CWM Member since 2014

“Christian Wealth Management has truly changed my life. During the last four and a half years I have learned how to truly integrate my faith with my business. They equipped me with how to present biblically responsible investing in a simple, logical and beneficial way. This has lead to great success for my business as well as life change for my clients.”

– Joseph Verissimo
CWM Member since 2012