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Christian Wealth Management gives you the systems, tools and community you need to successfully grow your business.

Membership in Christian Wealth Management is not automatic. Christian Wealth Management is a community of professionals who admit that we do not have it all figured out and are dedicated to growing in their spiritual and professional lives, with a passion for glorifying God in their practice to the utmost each day. As such, each application is reviewed for approval after registration, and all members must abide by the requirements of membership as described in the Membership Agreement.

Here are some of the requirements of membership:

Sign Statement of Christian Belief and Conduct
We desire our members to share unity of faith and clarity of purpose, as well as a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Statement of Christian Belief and Conduct outlines the core elements of the Christian faith and sets the expectation and standard for Christian living.
6 Hours of Volunteering

We believe that it is good for Christians to use their skills and talents to serve the Church. As such, we require our members to donate at least 6 hours of time per year using their professional financial skills to bless the Church. Examples include: teaching a financial Bible study; one-one financial coaching with pastors and church members; speaking engagements; planned giving services; etc.

Biblically Responsible Investing

We believe that biblically responsible investing is a vital part of being a good steward of God’s money, and as such, Christian financial advisors have a responsibility to recommend biblically responsible investments as good stewards of the influence God has given them in their client relationships. Christian Wealth Management advisors pledge to recommend biblically responsible investments whenever possible and to work to advance the biblically responsible investing movement.