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Christian Wealth Management: Advancing The Movement

It humbles me to see the amazing growth the Lord has brought to Christian Wealth Management since He called me to start it just a few short years ago.  Training and equipping successful, biblical financial advisors to bless, excel, steward and transform (our BEST values) is a pure joy.  And seeing the God-glorifying impact that our growing advisor community is having on their clients, their communities, the Church and around the world is so inspiring.  I truly had no idea (or plan, or vision, or anything else) back in April of 2011 when I left my safe, secure job at the  prestigious private client investment division of the big, well respected bank to start some rinky-dink company called Christian Wealth Management that I had fallen into a movement of God that is beginning to catch fire (in a good way) to the entire financial industry:  the Biblically Responsible Investing movement.

My “grand vision” back then was that if I was a real success, that one day maybe I would have an assistant to help me in my one-man, hometown investment advisory office.  Unbeknownst to me, God had other, much bigger plans.  It only took a few months before I found myself drowning (again, in a good way) in the rush of the Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) movement, and found myself adding financial advisors to the fledgling Christian Wealth Management family to help manage all of the demand for our BRI services.  That was five and a half years ago and the breakneck growth has done nothing but gather momentum, and today we find ourselves among the national leaders in the BRI movement.  And God gets all the glory, because as I mentioned earlier, this was never my plan and nobody is more surprised and amazed at what He has done with CWM than I.  This whole thing is so obviously God’s doing.  His fingerprints are everywhere.

Really, the hardest part of this whole thing has been trying to keep up with God’s leading for our company and discerning how to best take advantage of the myriad opportunities He brings our way.  Which brings us to today, and the next step in advancing the movement with Christian Wealth Management.

Today we have launched a newly enhanced lineup of Christian Wealth Management member benefits, support and services all designed with a laser focus to equip you as a successful, biblical financial advisor.  Everything you need to build and manage a successful, biblical financial advisory  practice is included in your CWM membership — and because of our scale, we are able to provide these benefits for a bundled price point that is thousands less than what it would cost to purchase them separately, creating an immense value for our members.  Professional coaching, Kingdom Advisors membership, personal marketing assistant service, “Discover, Explore, Invest” client acquisition program, CWM brand use license, organic lead generation systems, high quality marketing materials, and other valuable benefits all combine to provide the most powerful suite of tools available for Christian advisors wanting to run a successful, biblical practice.

And in addition to the enhanced member benefits, we have also upgraded the structure of Christian Wealth Management membership to allow advisors from a variety of broker-dealers and RIA’s to join, without needing to change firms.  With this update complete and God willing, the doors are now open wide for even more rapid growth, equipping more successful, biblical advisors, reaching more clients with the powerful message of BRI, and ultimately inspiring transformation for God’s glory throughout the world as we bless, excel, steward and transform together in greater numbers than ever before!

I look forward to advancing the movement with you and seeing what the next chapter holds for our Christian Wealth Management family!


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