11 Ways to Live Practical Generosity

Living generously is really pretty simple.  Sometimes we just need a few ideas to spur us on.  Here are eleven suggestions:

  1. Write a thank you note to a teacher who most influenced you
  1. Offer to babysit for a young couple so they can have a date night
  1. Take your neighbor’s trash can in from the street
  1. Sell something you own and donate the proceeds
  1. Give away a shirt you really like
  1. Carry $20 in your pocket and find someone who you think could use some encouragement and give it away
  1. Do someone else’s chores at home
  1. Pay for the car behind you in the drive through
  1. Call up your parents and tell them something you are grateful for in how they raised you
  1. Learn a new joke and share it with someone—give laughter!
  1. Pay for someone’s groceries

What ideas do you have for practical generosity?

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